10 Facebook Games To Trigger Your 2000’s Nostalgia

Words by Nadine Bufi

Graphics by Cody Bundoc

10. Restaurant City

Before Overcooked 1 and 2, we had a Facebook stapleā€”Restaurant City! Setting up a restaurant never felt more fun, especially with so many customizable features to get your business to feel like your own. There were various recipes to choose from and the graphics were downright adorable. With that, it makes total sense that this was one of the most popular Facebook games at the time.

Restaurant City closed down in 2012 though and we miss it.

9. Farmville

This specific game was shared among a wide range of ages. The demographic was almost confusingā€”I know seniors that used to play this. I guess virtual farming was just something we were all so very passionate about.

8. Dragon City

Dragon City is one of the newer games on the list but a classic, nonetheless. From breeding different dragon types and building your empire, they took a standard nerd trope to a playable and enticing world. Plus, how cute are the baby dragons?!

7. Happy Aquarium

This game was a dream come true for all those kids whose parents wouldn’t let them get real pets. Virtual pets are almost as good, especially with a game as engaging as Happy Aquarium where you could monitor and take care of your fish any time you’d like.

6. Mall World

This was was one of the earlier fashion-centered games on Facebook. Mall World had such a large audience, female especially, which is why it’s such a staple. For those who love to shop, making a game around an already exicting activity was definitely a win for everyone.

5. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer came after Mall World and opened up the world of constructing your clothing rather than just selling them. Making dress designs and outfits were right up my alley and the hundreds of different styles might’ve even gotten some of us wanting to become fashion designers.

4. It Girl

It Girl’s graphics, although far from perfect, were quite popular years back. Regardless, the chic fashion, the opportunity to build a clique, and the feel of living as a virtual celebrity was a pretty delightful adventure.

3. Bakery Story

Bakery Story is in many ways similar to Restaurant City but with more… bread. Since 2012, they were no longer on Facebook and moved up to IOS and Android devices. I still have friends that play this in 2019, which in itself proves that the fun never runs out.

2. Habbo

Habbo was home to many strange role-playing games and some seriously good architecture. It was a great way to socialize with thousands of strangers and where you could meet some pretty eccentric internet friends. Habbo is still up (as well as its retro counterpart Habboon) so you can still hop over and relive the glory days.

(Note: Habbo wasĀ technically a Facebook game because you used to be able to launch it directly onto the site. At least until 2012 that is.)

1. Pet Society

Pet Society was the Sims 4: Cats and Dogs before Sims 4: Cats and Dogs. A throwback to the dedication of browsing through the shops to find the perfect outfit which could honestly take hours.

Nothing was as good as playing mini-games against your friends pets and we’re sad to never be able to play this again.

What was your all-time favorite Facebook game? Share them with us below!


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