10 Crazy Ways To Beat Manila Traffic

When in Manila, insane traffic jams will always be part of our daily lives. Most of the time, a supposed to be 15 minute travel takes roughly an hour because of heavy traffic.

Did you know Philippines has been ranked as the 9th country with the worst traffic in the whole world?

Traffic has always been a problem of our country for many years and it seems it’s only getting worse. One of the many reasons is because of the never ending and unnecessary road works all over the city, and probably because we ourselves do not always follow the rules.

That is why we thought of 6 creative or rather crazy ways on how to beat Manila traffic!

Disclaimer: These edits were made to be fun and is no way to be taken seriously. Bad photoshop and Comic-Sans have been used for ironic purposes.

10. Daenerys’ Dragon

7 Awesome Ways To Beat Manila Traffic (1)

Not only will you get to school super fast, you will also be the most badass person there.

Bonus point: You will never have to worry about finding a parking spot.

9. Giant Water Slides

7 Awesome Ways To Beat Manila Traffic (2)

Now this is a win-win situation. Not only do you beat traffic, you also beat the intense heat!

7 Awesome Ways To Beat Manila Traffic (7)

How come no one has proposed to replace those super crowded trains with one giant water slide? This will definitely keep you fresh before work.

8. Magic Portals

7 Awesome Ways To Beat Manila Traffic (9)

Magic portals all over Manila? Yes please! Imagine passing thru EDSA in just a blink of an eye!

7. Wrecking Ball

7 Awesome Ways To Beat Manila Traffic (4)

Have you experienced needing to make a U-Turn to the other – less congested side of the road but having to go thru grueling hours of traffic before reaching the slot?

Why not just ride a wrecking ball from one side of the road to the other? It will surely save you the time! Remember, walang makakapigil sayo kung gusto mo mag-wrecking ball!

6. Quiditch Broom Stick

7 Awesome Ways To Beat Manila Traffic (11)

Travel in style and be the coolest kid in town!


7 Awesome Ways To Beat Manila Traffic (10)

Your alarm clock didn’t wake you up again? Imagine if you could go back in time AND transport yourself from one place to another. Being late will never be a problem anymore!

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