MRT Operates and Moves with Doors Open

MRT Operates and Moves with Doors Open

The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) has been frequenting the limelight recently due to its operation problems along with the woes of commuters taking it daily.

Last August, the MRT overshot and slammed the barrier in Taft Station. Reports are also widespread about the MRT ceasing operations due to technical problems where commuters where asked to alight the train and take alternatives.

Just recently, another untoward incident occurred on the MRT that a netizen captured on video and posted on Facebook. The video shows a moving MRT with doors open. Check it below.

MRT Operates with Doors Open  

Caption on the video said:


Sept. 2, 2014; around 8:40pm.

I was about to go home from my internship in Makati when I rode this MRT train from Buendia Station. I thought it will operate just fine and safe. But this terrible thing happened.

The train suddenly stopped right in the steel railroad midway to Boni Station from Guadalupe Station. The train operator announced that he stopped because a door was not fully and securely closed at Guadalupe Station. The train stopped around 20-30 minutes with the train operator trying to fix the problem by resetting the engines thrice and manually opening and closing the train doors. But unfortunately, he failed to do so.

But the next thing he did was unpredictable and kinda life-threatening. He started the engine, opened the doors of the train, and drove it like nothing happened. As you can see in the video, the people right before the opened doors showed their utmost disappointment about it and even made fun from it by shouting that the MRT train is greatly damaged and yelling at the innocent sidewalkers along EDSA. But right before we reach Boni Station, the operator said that we will evacuate the train once we reached the station. And so we did evacuate, lined long at the station, and rode another train with additional pushing and pain until i took off the train in Cubao Station.

Personally, i am traumatized even a little bit because what the train operator did risked the safety and security of the passengers. I felt like i am an extra in an action movie scene waiting for me to jump from the train or whatever. But i am so thankful to the Lord that i now got home safe and sound. The thing is, this is such a super no no for MRT. It seems like they are really after the profit they can get and not the safety and security of the passengers patronizing it with all the mishaps that are happening to it recently. Are the management solving these situations? Do they even have the heart to? From what I saw and experienced, I kinda don’t think so. =S


Please implement a permanent solution to these recurring problems. Else, i’m sure there will come a time that nobody will ride your damaged trains anymore because their trust are already broken to you. Act what’s for the common good and not for your personal interests. And i do really hope that this will NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. (with a two thumbs down) =|


Another netizen posted this photo on Twitter, which appears to show the MRT with open doors as well.

MRT_Operates_with_Doors_Open_(2) - blurred

Is this safe?

Has anyone experienced this too?

Share it in the comments.

MRT Operates and Moves with Doors Open

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