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Toy Story writer debunks tragic dad back story

If your heart has been ripped into pieces just days ago over the supposed tragic Toy Story back story about Andy’s dad, then this should help you feel better. Toy Story writer Andrew Stanton just debunked the entire back story, saying that...

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LOOK: 20+ Photos That Show Superheroes Then and Now

Superhero movies are extremely popular nowadays. However, most superheroes, if not all, were already popular even from decades ago. Different celebrities from different generations have brought to life these superheroes. Oh, and a lot can change in...

Jonah Hill Wolf of Wall Street

Jonah Hill is Our New Ultimate Fitspiration!!!

Losing weight isn’t easy. I should know. I struggled with obesity once upon a time and it took becoming a mom and wanting to be strong enough to carry my daughter and healthy enough to live a long life beside her to actually do something about...