Abi Marquez Gets Nominated at the 28th Annual Webby Awards

In an exhilarating nod to the Philippines’ vibrant culinary scene, Abi Marquez hailed as the internet’s “Lumpia Queen,” has been officially nominated for the prestigious 28th Annual Webby Awards under the Social-Food and Drink category. 

The nomination—one of five in its category and handpicked from out of 13,000 projects submitted from around the world—places her among the top 12% of entries submitted. This also puts her in esteemed company alongside notable figures and entities such as America’s Test Kitchen and Jennifer Garner. It likewise signifies Marquez’s impactful contribution to the digital food community.

Abi Marquez 28th Annual Webby Awards

At just 23 years old, Marquez has captured the hearts and palates of millions worldwide with her delectable and innovative culinary creations, predominantly featuring the beloved Filipino dish lumpia. Her engaging content and authentic portrayal of Filipino cuisine have amassed a following of 3.3 million on TikTok, with her videos receiving over 1 billion views and 86 million likes.

Marquez’s rapid rise to social media stardom culminated in winning the TikTok Foodie Creator of the Year award in 2023, further cementing her status as a culinary influencer. Before becoming Lumpia Queen, Marquez was once upon a time a Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management (HRIM) student who utilized content creation as her practicum. She has been a talent of NYMA, the artist management arm of Kroma Entertainment, since 2023.

This nomination is not just a personal milestone for Marquez but also a moment of immense pride for the Philippines. It highlights the richness of Filipino culinary traditions and the boundless talent within the country, showcasing it on a global stage.

How to support Abi Marquez at the Webby Awards

Marquez is eligible to win at the Webby Awards in two ways: by winning the award as chosen by the judging academy (the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences) and by being voted on by the public at The Webby People’s Voice Award. Both awards are a mark of international distinction for Internet excellence.

Abi Marquez 28th Annual Webby Awards

Let’s rally together to celebrate and promote our culinary heritage on the world stage!

To learn more about KROMA and NYMA, visit https://www.kroma.ph/nyma.