This Stage 4 Cancer Warrior’s Music Career Inspires Others To Fight For Their Dreams No Matter What

Zion Aquino, a Stage 4 Colon Cancer Warrior, is bravely pursuing his dream of music despite the personal hardships he is going through with his medical condition. Aside from it being an avenue of expression for him, he shares that it has become a platform to spread his story of hope. His only goal is to intimate the message that we should fight for our dreams, no matter what. 

The 3rd chapter begins. 3rd because, this is the 3rd time I’m battling cancer. While I remain in high spirits, your…

Posted by Zion PH on Monday, July 29, 2019

(Cancer Warrior Prepares To Fight The Big C For A Second Time And We Can Help Her)

A two-time cancer survivor currently battling the big C a third time, Zion is also a multi-awarded singer-songwriter living out his advocacy of fulfilling life to the fullest extent. On the message he would specifically like to spread he says, “I would always share that what keeps me going is remembering what my doctor told me: “Do not let cancer take your life away from you.” And I am not. I wish to inspire others to continue fighting for their dreams/life purpose/mission no matter what, the same manner the Stage 4 Colon Cancer Warrior in me does every single moment.”

He describes his music as “a more contemporary approach to OPM Soul.” His influences include old school soul and R&B but he holds a belief that “we all need to evolve, keep up, and grow.” Instead of just live instruments, Zion incorporates new musical elements and some tribal touch. 

Many may consider Zion juggling his art alongside his battle against cancer as impossible but he shares that “music actually helps me. It is my outlet to make me feel like, “Hey, I can still do normal things.” While there are days I feel lifeless, days where I can do what I love remind me that I am still breathing. And I am blessed to be able to do so.”

Catch Zion along with friends, Armi Millare of UDD, Quest, Katrina Velarde, and Top Suzara with Allen & Elle opening the night at a fundraiser this October 22 at Historia.

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