Zakiba: Never Lose your Sunglasses Again

Photos by: JP Sium and Adi Cabanero

If there is one perk of being a tropical country, it’s having the sun out all year ‘round. It makes your adventures and escapades with the crew more fun and vibrant. Plus, it also gives you a reason to wear very fashionable accessories like sunglasses.

However, there are times when we tend to enjoy ourselves too much and drop (or worse: lose) our shades. It can be quite a predicament since you spent your money on them. With that being said, you might find Zakiba extremely convenient.

Zakiba is an online start-up brand that innovates our regular day-time best friend by creating a feature that will prevent you from losing them again. That feature lies in their slaps. You might have encountered slap bands when you were a kid—this one is exactly the same. It replaces your typical metallic eyeglasses arm with slaps for you to (literally) slap them around your wrist! This hat lets you fully enjoy your time with one less thing to worry about.

In a nutshell, Zakiba sunglasses are foldable. You just fold the frames at the nose bridge and you can slap them around your wrist when you’re not wearing them—easy peasy! Imagine going on a rigorous trek and just having it available on your arm until you need it.

Being foldable comes with another convenient factor: it’s easy to store in your bag. For one, it’s really compact; you don’t need to allot a lot of space for it. If normal sunnies cases are long, Zakiba’s is just a small cube. Because it’s not made out of metal, it’s also safe from breaking or cracking should your bag get squished for whatever reason.  

Want more reason to like Zakiba? It actually looks good. Here’s how it looks: 

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Pretty cool, right? Buy yours online! You can pay via cash on delivery and they even offer free shipping nationwide!


0942 810 0392 


Instagram: @ZakibaPH


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