Your Sunscreen Might be Harming Coral Reefs! Here’s How to Avoid That

Did you know that, although your sunscreen might be protecting your skin, it could be harming the oceans you are swimming at? Specifically the coral reefs. Yikes! I didn’t know that either until organization for ocean conservation Save Philippine Seas published a poster for awareness on their Facebook page.

Here is their post:

Coral reefs support marine biodiversity and provide refuge and feeding areas for different types of organisms, including sea turtles. Even a tiny amount of oxybenzone-containing sunscreen damages the DNA of corals and can cause bleaching. Contribute to the fight to save our marine wildlife. Make sure you #ScreenYourSunscreen.

Posted by Save Philippine Seas on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

As Save Philippine Seas advises, when buying sunscreen, always look at the ingredients list and make sure that the harmful chemical oxybenzone is not on there. Let’s make conscious steps to taking part in conserving our environment. Together, our little efforts will make big, meaningful effects.

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