You Can Now Read an Excerpt from the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Sequel

André Aciman, the author of well-loved book Call Me By Your Name, has released an excerpt of the upcoming sequel, Find Me, that’s set to drop on October 29!

The excerpt gives a preview of Elio’s life 15 years after his summer romance with Oliver.

Elio, who is now a music teacher in Paris, France, has a conversation with a man named Michel at Elio’s favorite café. When Michel asks if there had been a special someone in Elio’s life, Elio talks about Oliver who he admittedly still misses.

“We haven’t spoken in ages, and I don’t know that we’re friends, though I’m sure we will always be. He’s always read me extremely well, and I have a feeling that he suspects that if I never write it’s not because I don’t care but because a part of me still does and always will, just as I know he still cares, which is why he too never writes. And knowing this is good enough for me,” Elio shared.

He also revealed that he has had a few flings since Oliver, both men and women, but all were short-lived.

“Maybe because I never really let go or lose myself with others. After an instant of passion, I always fall back to being the autonomous me,” he said.

The excerpt also reveals that Oliver is married to a woman and teaches in his native country, the US.

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You can read the full excerpt on Vanity Fair.

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