You Can Be A Burrito With This Life-Sized Tortilla Blanket

Have you ever thought about all the things you had to do and realized that you’d just want to be a burrito?

Well, now your dreams can come true—in some form. You can now be a life-sized human burrito with this massive tortilla blanket!

tortilla blanket 2

Photo from Lazada

This tortilla blanket looks super realistic, complete with the toasted parts when it’s cooked. It can and will get you hungry for tortilla wraps at night.

This tortilla blanket also features such a soft texture that will literally make you want to wish that you’re a burrito. This blanket is definitely going to be your BFF, especially in the rainy season.

tortilla blanket 1

Photo from Lazada

Wouldn’t it be so great to just curl up like a burrito in your tortilla blanket while it rains outside?

This blanket is also massive, so you can be completely wrapped up in a “tortilla”.

We know you want it, so get it now!

Buy this tortilla blanket here!

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