YIKES: Dump spotted near the Camp Site of Mt. Ulap

When will we be kind to nature? Our ways of disposing waste isn’t something to be proud of, especially for a fact that we’ve been pointed out for that one to too many times already.

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In a recent post by Alman Dave Quiboquibo, he found heaps of trash scattered all over the campsite of Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet. Look at the number of bottles! Without proper disposing and recycling, our natural wonders will deteriorate.

This is the open dump near the #campsite of #MountUlap, just behind the cluster of stores that’s fondly called Mini-Stop/7-11. This #ridge near Philex Mining has become really popular lately that hundreds of #hikers descend on its trails each week. Many of them purchase water or sports drinks from the stores and just leave the empty bottles there. Although our guide assured me that the open dump is cleared on a regular basis (which, if true, is a Herculean task), I think we should make it our duty to bring down the trash we produce. Even better, we ought to bring and use our own #reusable bottles and water containers. I personally use @nalgene and @msr_gear. If we like the views on the #mountains, we should do our part to make sure they remain beautiful to look at. If we don’t act, pretty soon we’ll be climbing mountains of plastic. Let’s all aim for #zerowaste.

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Quiboquibo tells WHEN IN MANILA that the photo was shot using a drone.

This photo was taken last May 14. I went with friends on an overnight hike to Mt. Ulap it was my first time and I was impressed by its cleanliness. The guides pick up trash. But this dump site behind the “7-11” was a buzzkill. There’s another large trash receptacle in the other cluster of stores down the trail. People buy their drinks and leave behind the empty bottles. I really think we should clean up after ourselves. Better yet, aim to reduce your waste. Don’t always rely on others. Zero waste is difficult, but it’s a worthwhile goal if we want to save the planet. Based on the comments, this is either hauled down and sold, or burned and buried. Either way, reducing our carbon footprint is the solution to the garbage problem whether you’re on the mountain or not.


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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the header image. Left photo credit goes to Jomarie Basilio and the right image credit goes to Alman Dave Quiboquibo.


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