Yes, There Will Be a Mean Girls Musical and It Will Premiere Next Year


Grool news! There will be a Mean Girls musical, and it will premiere in 2017.

The news was confirmed by the film’s official Facebook and Twitter account yesterday, an important day in Mean Girls canon. The news was deleted on Facebook, but the tweet still stands.

The musical will be a collaboration between Tony Award-winning lyricist Nell Benjamin, Mean Girls screenwriter Tina Fey, and her husband Jeffrey Richmond.

Fey once told Andy Cohen that she will not star in the musical, and that it will have a “classic Broadway” sound.

One of the songs will be called “Old Blonde Song,” which will be sung by Amy Poehler’s character, Mrs. George.

Mean Girls came out in 2004 and deals with high school life through the eyes of Cady Heron, who was previously homeschooled in Africa. Rotten Tomatoes said that it is “funnier and more smartly written than the average teen comedy,” and it has become a pop culture phenomenon.

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