WTF is in the Philippines? Let show you!


“When In Rome, do as the Romans do.” So When In Manila… is our way of presenting to you the cool & awesome stuff in the Philippines. Here, it’s as beautiful as Indonesia, equally affordable as Thailand and even more amazing than Mars! is the brainchild of four friends, Vince Golangco, Harold Soon, Jason Qua & Francis Simisim, who wanted to express their creative juices while also showcasing their favorite places in and around the Philippines.



The premise of was to follow Vince (who lived in the States for over 10 years) as he fumbled around and rediscovered the Philippines.



We realized that other nearby countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and more, have very good reputations of being the best getaway places for relaxing vacations and wonderful discoveries. The funny thing is that the Philippines is just as friendly as Malaysia, just as affordable as Thailand and just as beautiful as Indonesia. Yet, the Philippines only received 3 million visitors (tourists) in 2008, while the other said countries averaged about 15 million each!



We didn’t think that it was fair to hide the underground caves of Palawan, the white sands of Boracay, the crystal clear waters of Camarines, the festivals of Cebu, the waves of Siargao, the landscape of Baguio, the crater lake of Pinatubo, the mouthwatering food of Bacolod, the spectacular views in Tagaytay, the culture in Davao, the parties in Manila and SO MUCH MORE!




Our promise is to highlight the VERY BEST that the Philippines has to offer. Great food, friendly people, relaxing beaches, white sands, clear waters, spectacular views etc…




So next time, When In Manila Philippines, check out to get a feel for what cool things are about in this South East Asian paradise!




Check out the site,, to see the full video of this post and other awesome stuff.

*Thanks to my friends from SDSU, San Diego, Alpha Kappa Psi Business Organization for helping out! Love you guys!


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