WOW: This university professor owns 65+ cats!

Many students and faculty alike take joy at the sight of cats roaming around the university. However, Velasco tells WHEN IN MANILA that the university no longer adopts cats since they already have “more than enough”.
The school is not an animal shelter. We discourage dumping of kittens on campus. We are actually rehoming/adopting some of our cats out. Even animal shelters cannot rescue them all. That’s why it is important that we raise awareness, so more people would care & help those animals.”
Velasco shares advice for those who support the same advocacy.
“If they cannot adopt, they can donate to animal shelters like PART’s Paws & Claws Sanctuary in Bulacan, or MAS (Mandaluyong Animal Shelter) **, or MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary in Rizal Province. They can share info with potential adopters, spread the word, raise awareness on the plight of animals.” 
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*** The Mandaluyong Animal Center volunteers adopt cats on their own.

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