WOW: Check out traffic-less Manila during recent break!

Don’t you wish for a traffic-free Manila every day? The hustle and bustle of being on the road can get physically and mentally exhausting.

During the recent Holy Week break, Philippine residents who opted to stay in the metro were able to enjoy hitting the commonly used roads without going through traffic trouble.

Check out these photos below captured by this Twitter user.

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(Photos: EDSA Quezon Avenue. EDSA Santolan, Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas)

“It’s very unusual to see the Metro Manila roads traffic free. Travel time from Quezon Avenue to Makati, 10 minutes. On a normal it will take around 1-2 hours,” @ManilaHugots tells WHEN IN MANILA.

Were you also able to enjoy a traffic-free Metro Manila during the brief break? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: does not own any of the photos above. Credits go to @ManilaHugots.