World Class Persian Kabab (Mediterranean Cuisine)



OK, so I tend to exaggerate things sometimes… like that time I said I caught the BIGGEST WAVE EVER when I was surfing in San Diego, or that one time when I swore this girl was the HOTTEST CHICK IN THE WORLD, after my seventh beer… But, I swear to you on my cat’s life that I’m not exaggerating when I say that I crave for food from this place, World Class Persian Kabab (Persian & Mediterranean Cuisine), every freakin’ day!


I swear I need to have my fix of World Class Persian Kababs AT LEAST once a week or I go crazy. There’s another really cool Persian place that Jason and Harold like better, Ababu Persia Kitchen, which we featured in a previous episode. They’re both equally good, but for me, it’s really the World Class Persian Kabab dishes that I tend to crave.





Well first of all, let’s start with the place itself. It’s a pretty spacious restaurant that’s located in a very comfy place right on the corner of E. Rodriquez Avenue and Tomas Morato. Now there is seating inside as well as outside and there always seems to be enough space for everyone, though it does pack up during certain times.


Oh and did I mention that they’re open 24 hours!


So other than that, the food prices are extremely affordable. I swear you can come here with 100 Pesos (about $2.50 US Dollars) and you’ll totally have enough to eat a good meal. Now just cause it’s affordable does not mean they sacrifice any flavor here. You definitely get the tastiest food that will surely have you craving for more, like me.






My favorite dish here at the World Class Persian Kebab is the Chelo Kabab which has buttered rice, grilled tomatoes and onions, steak and a ground beef kebab type thing. I think that full dish only costs about 150 Pesos. Then I always add a fresh Mango & Melon shake which is an off menu item I request. Oh and the fresh fruit shake is ONLY 30 Pesos (less than $1 US Dollar)!!! I also recommend the Watermelon shakes and the Yogurt shakes here.


Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra hungry, for 50 pesos, I get an appetizer that might be a bit weird to everyone else.  I’ve seemed to acquire a taste for Ox Brain that can be regularly found at the Persian / Middle Eastern Restaurants here in the Philippines. Not sure why, but some good Ox Brain with calamansi (lemon / lime / orange type local fruit used for seasoning) just hits the spot every time!






Anywayz, I definitely recommend you come check out World Class Persian Kebab. We’ll probably do a full on feature of this place sometime but Harold’s currently backed up with like a 6  month backlog because of all the work and demand has been getting for creative video production and features. (YAY for us!)


So next time, When In Manila, most definitely come to World Class Persian Kabab (Persian & Mediterranean Cuisine), anytime within the 24 hours of the day and get my favorite dish, the Chelo Kabab with some Ox Brain Appetizer and a Mango & Melon Fresh Fruit Shake. (All that for under 250 pesos or about $6 US Dollars!)


Oh and did I mention that they’re open 24 hours! Wait… yeah I did!


****P.S. I actually tried a different branch, in the Mandaluyong area, close to Pioneer mall, and it tasted like paper…. lol. But yeah the one I reviewed here, on the corner of E. Rodriguez Ave and Tomas Morato is the BOMB!






Name of venue: World Class Persian Kabab / Persian & Mediterranean Cuisine

Address: #1 E. Rodriguez Avenue (Corner  Tomas Morato Avenue), Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone Number: 497-6273

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day

Price Range: VERY affordable

Cuisine: Persian / Mediterranean / Middle Eastern food



World Class Persian Kabab / Persian & Mediterranean Cuisine


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