Woah! BMW’s latest concept car is totally amazeballs

Boy, oh boy. Looks like cars have a bright future ahead of them.

From self-driving to complete transformers-like cars, vehicles have seriously gone leap and bounds since the 1885 Motorwagen.

And now, for BMW’s 100th anniversary celebration, they give us a sneak peek of what they envision for the future of automobile.


Say hello to BMW’s Next Vision 100 Car Concept: a four-seat car with two driving modes, a retracting steering wheel, and a smart system known as “the companion”.

Just hearing about it isn’t enough, here’s a video on BMW’s concept car:


The idea and design seems completely out of this world, but with the way technology is exponentially growing, this concept car might one day become a reality. And your (great) grandchildren will have one slick ride.

As for us, we might be lucky enough to drive it in the next racing game to hit the market — We’d definitely want to take this baby for a ride, even if just virtually.

What do you think of BMW’s concept car? Do you think it’s doable?