With Love Clothing: A Sea of Summer Bustiers, Corset Dresses, Midrib Tops, Peplums and a lot more!



When in Manila, summer is here and so is the time to flaunt playful and vibrant colors! Get your wardrobe ready for summer with With Love Clothing, considered one of the top emerging fashion retail brand committed to supplying the world with playful elegant style through its one-of-a kind pieces proud of its adept quality and sophisticated taste. 






Order online or catch them in upcoming bazaars to get your hands on these summer must-haves. Choose from a sea of flashy and colorful bustiers, corset dresses, midrib tops, peplums and a lot more!  Top left:  Under the Sea Bustier, Bottom left: Bustiers in yummy colors: Coral Peach, Light Blue, Pastel Pink, Tangerine.  Bottom right:  Yellow & Blue Polka Midrib Tops 


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 Teal Floral Peplum Top


Peplums celebrates  a figure flattering waist-to-hip curve.  When paired with a crisp white coat and skirt, this  flashy summer peplum gives a whole new meaning to 21st century power dressing.  It also doubles as a much coveted resort wear for luxe lounging. The possibilities are endless!


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 Butterfly Bustiers


Bustiers are heaven sent! A form fitting garment that gently shapes the waist. The owners of  With Love Clothing carefully handpicked each unique prints from top of the line imported fabrics. Newest styles are Under the Sea, Bohemian, Camouflage, Aztec and in Yummy Colors: Coral Peach, Light Blue, Pastel Pink, Tangerine. The colors of which, gives an instant oomph in day-to-day daily dressing and street wear.


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 Denim Effect Midrib Top


Midrib (Midriff) are  tops with the lower part cut off, showing some skin of the abdomen.  This modern crop top is best paired with a high-waisted skirt  (just like how i wore it above) jeans, modest denim shorts or harem pants to balance out the high hemline. It draws attention to the higher natural waistline creating a not too revealing  feminine figure.  Styles available: Denim Effect, Yellow and Blue Polka Dots. 



Each style is sure to tickle your fancy!  Shop till you drop 


With Love Clothing

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With Love Clothing: A Sea of Summer Bustiers, Corset Dresses, Midrib Tops, Peplums and a lot more!