With a Perfect Mom Comes a Perfect Gift

No one loves us more than our moms. Mothers are, without a doubt, the most important person in our lives. They are the heart and foundation of the family. From loving us unconditionally to being our biggest supporter throughout our whole life and to being our cheerleader, there is nothing our mothers cannot do.

While our moms deserved to be showered with love and appreciation every day of the year, Mother’s Day is a special occasion and a perfect opportunity to show them how much we care. This Mother’s Day, give your mom more than a last-minute Hallmark card with your signature in the corner; give her a more exciting and cool gift. Here are 5 amazing gifts for mom that will make her happy and proud to show off.


5. For the mom who loves to cook: Kitchenware, pots, cooking materials

“No one makes adobo like my mother.”
“No one makes Sinigang like my mother.”

Almost everyone believes that their mother is their best cook. Most mothers love cooking and sacrifices her time to give her family the best meal. Cooking is one way of showing her love to the family.


4. For the mom who likes to be pampered: Essential oils, spa /massage sessions, bath gels, etc

Our Mothers are always busy from running errands, working late, helping the kids with their homework and from cooking dinner. After a long busy day, all they want is to rest and feel relaxed before hitting the bed. This Mother’s Day, let your moms relax by giving her a set of pampering stuff that will help her refresh her mind and body.

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3. For the fashionista mom: New sunnies, hat, purse
Sunnies and hats are perfect fashion statements to set your mom apart from others while giving her UV protection.


2. For the mom who likes to showcase the best: Picture frames, photo books, photo keychain

She takes a thousand photos on her smartphone. Now it’s time to give her something where she can showcase the best memories. Our mothers can be very sentimental; a DIY frame would make her heart melt.


1. For the mom who loves taking pictures and keeping memories

1 huawei 4


Huawei’s latest flagship is known for its revolutionary camera features. Our mothers love taking pictures: selfies, taking pictures of their children’s achievements and even what millennials do most of the time – taking pictures of their food! Packed with AI, your mom won’t have a hard time identifying photography modes and camera settings to deliver incredible photos. Giving her the best and coolest smartphone camera would instantly earn you that “Favorite Child of the Year” award.







Just in time for Mother’s Day, Huawei Philippines held a series of #SeeMOOOREMomentsTogether contest on social media from May 7-10. The lucky winner will get a chance to win a Huawei P20 phone if he/she is able to answer the question “how will the Huawei P20 help you and your mom create memorable moments together?”


To know more about the contest, please visit https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1682884675126358&id=165861500162024