Wireless Router that Boosts WiFi Signal and eliminates No WiFi Signal – Sapdio RB-1733


When In Manila most of our houses are probably built with thick concrete and metal bars to cope with its metropolitan surroundings, however using such materials hinders a necessity in a modern urban household – the WiFi internet. This was the case when we relocated to our new home wherein WiFi signal was incredibly poor because of the metal doors, window grills and thick concrete walls. I spent a couple of weeks searching the web for solutions to this problem and this is where I stumbled upon the Sapido RB-1733. This high powered wireless router c to claims to be able to send WiFi signals that is 10 times stronger than that of normal routers.


How a High Powered Wireless Router Boosts WiFi Signal

Basically this high powered router uses a high power amplifier to strengthen the signal while the two big antennas provide bigger signal coverage thus allowing it to transmit to an area as big as 7000 square feet. This wireless router also has a higher “signal to noise” ratio making it strong enough to through obstacles without weakening the signal.


Sapido RB-1733 Signal Test

I have tested the Sapido RB-1733 on different problematic parts of our house and it provided some good results. In the tests that I conducted the Sapido RB-1733 went against a Linksys E1200 router which was on the same price range. The device used for checking the WiFi signal was a Samsung Galaxy S3.


In adjacent rooms to where the routers are, the Sapido RB-1733 clearly wins showing off a full WiFi signal as compared to the Linksys E1200 that dwindled down to two bars.


Below the rooms where we placed the router is our living room. The living room and most parts of the first floor is one of the most problematic areas in our home.  Since we spend a lot of time here with our tablets and laptops, I felt it necessary to make sure the signal goes through. The thing is, this place is like a vacuum of signal, and even GSM signal could not reach this place. The Linksys wireless router dropped to one bar while the Sapido held on the three.



Last but not the least is the game room, which was the black hole of the house. In here the Linksys just lost all bars, while the RB-1733 is well good with a healthy two bars left.

Clearly the Sapido RB-1733 is the winner in the series of tests, where it provided WiFi signal in all areas of our house at least two bars better than that of a normal router. These tests proved that the Sapido RB-1733 is able to cover a wider area while maintaining strong WiFi signal.


This Wireless Router Can Do More Than Eliminate No WiFi Signal

But wait there’s more; to sweeten the deal RB-1733 also has the following features.

  • Samba Server – plug in a hard drive, and share it to people inside your network
  • Multiple Access Points – create another access point for your guest so that they could access your internet without letting them access shared files on your network.
  • Share Internet from USB 3G/4G modems – if you are having problems with your provider i.e. PLDT, you could plug your 4G USB stick and share it to your network.


Boost WiFi Signal at Home

For the low price of 2800Php the Sapido RB-1733 is an awesome deal for people that need that boosted WiFi signal. For me the other features are just a plus, because the extra boost was the only thing that I needed to address the dead spot problem on our house. Compared to other alternatives that I was considering (repeater, power line, a more expensive brand of high power router) this really saved me a lot of hassle and a lot of money. The Sapido-RB1733 definitely gets a high recommendation from me any day.




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