Winnie the WHAT?! — this user shares a photo of a Winnie The Pooh Doll with teeth

I don’t recall seeing Winnie The Pooh with teeth upon watching him on Disney tapes in my childhood. Do you?

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A Facebook user with a certain user named Ronell Kira Reyes shared this photo on his Facebook account*** of a plush doll of the Disney character seated on a chair. What’s different from a regular scene of a  toy seated in an empty room is that this toy is grinning – yep, a complete set of teeth. What makes it a little unusual is that .. Winnie the Pooh doesn’t have teeth.

He captions:

“Winnie the pooh*** ano yan?!?!”

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Ronell for further details.

He wishes to clarify that the pic isn’t his. “Honestly, the pic isn’t mine. I saw it on a random group sa Facebook, Sinave ko lang po for keeps pampa goodvibes someday pag na open uli sa gallery.. then naisipan ko lang po ishare.”

(Rough translation: Honestly, the pic isn’t mine, I saw it on a random group in Facebook, I saved it for keeps, for good vibes when I open the photo again in my phone gallery. That’s when I thought of sharing it.)

We asked him if he was a fan of the 1966 Disney character.

“Ahm, haha. Hindi po eh.. Sadyang natuwa lang po ako sa itsura nya kaya ko na share.”

(“Ahm, haha. No e… I just found joy with how the plush toy looked like so I thought of sharing it.“)

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*** Disclaimer: does not own the photo. The author of this article and the uploader of the photo above wishes to clarify that the latter does not take ownership of the photo above and wishes to give credit to the original poster (he was not able to identify and gives his sincerest apologies for being unable to reach out, identify and credit as of his posting). 


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