Will Glitter Pills Really Turn Your Poop into Glitter?

Remember those cute little onesies that you see some babies wear that say “I Poop Glitter”?

poop glitter onesie

Well, apparently, it is now possible to actually poop glitter.

Coz who cares if your poop smells bad if it’s so cool, it glitters, right? Wrong!

glitter pills

Photo from sheknows.com

These so-called “Glitter Pills” found on Etsy by GlitterPills seem to say “Swallow me and poop glitter”, but the truth is that they could be dangerous when ingested. In fact, in the FAQ section, the shop owner blatantly says, “if you decide to eat them, you assume all liability and risk that comes with that decision.


So, if you ever come across glitter pills, don’t be fooled by the pretty variety of colours that they have and seem to promise to change your normal-colored poop into. Despite being pills, they are not made for consumption.

However, they are pretty, though, so if you just want to put them on display somewhere, feel free. 🙂