Wilderness: Sushi & Mansion Party



Our highly anticipated music video for PASAWAY is finally done and ready for the world!

To live up to the top-notch quality of the production, we’ve decided to host a party to celebrate the divine connection between music and the visual arts. This is going to be a night filled with activities to stimulate your senses and creative juices.

– Drum circle lead by percussion master, Paul Z by the beer garden
– Pay-what-you-want portraits by the highly talented trio, Rob Cham, Apol Sta. Maria and Mek Yambao
– Tarot reading by a special mystical guest
– Music video screening
– Musical performances by Vito Crew, Oh Flamingo!, The Strangeness, Tarsius, and Wilderness

There is no entrance fee! Instead, grab a plate of sushi, have your portrait done, grab a few beers, or cop a bottle of Wilderness lambanog! The night is yours! Choose your own adventure!

About the venue: 888 Vibers is truly a hidden gem in the city. Located in Leveriza St. across Rizal Memorial Stadium (DLSU/CSB area) is an old Malate-style mansion with a cozy garden, an art gallery on the second floor, and a secure parking lot by the back. Its owners have converted it into a bar and restaurant, equipped with a stage for live bands and a delightful sushi bar and their own Japanese sushi master. Our favorite part? The sushi and maki plates are very affordable, ranging from 60 to 120 pesos. The unagi maki in particular is the absolute bomb. The eel is fatty and melts in your mouth. Ross Geller would be extremely proud!