Here’s Why You Won’t be Seeing Kim Seon-ho in Any K-Dramas This Year

If you’re a fan of Kim Seon-ho, you definitely know what went down in his life last year. We won’t get into details, but some accusations were made that shed a bad light on him and his career. Let’s just say: it wasn’t good. As such, it makes sense that he wants to take a break this year.

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In an exclusive report, At Star 1 revealed that Seon-ho will be taking a break from K-dramas, brand endorsements, and fan meetings this 2022. In fact, it seems he hasn’t renewed any brand contracts, either.

Although he won’t be starring in any Korean dramas, though, Seon-ho is still part of the upcoming movie Sad Tropics. Production for the film is currently ongoing, but there is no news on when the film will actually be released yet.

For now, feel free to rewatch Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha on Netflix here.

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