Why You Should Not Hesitate to Take that Vacation Break (Again)

I love breaks. They are like knights in shining armor, a rescue from monotony, the silver lining in our lives waiting to be discovered.

Why we need a break

Maybe you’re finishing your thesis or you’re working your way up to that corporate ladder. Or maybe you’re like me trying so hard to juggle work and studies.

But hey! Breaks are not just for summer! I hope this article will give you some push to file that leave (again!), book that flight, or reserve a room or two in a hotel near that beach you love.

Take a break. Take that break because…

Why we need a break

Sometimes, we just have to wander.

I know, we all have an avalanche of paper work waiting on our desks. Yep, those deadlines. We don’t have all the time in the world, but that’s why there is such a thing called courage.

We need breaks because we have to unwind, to refresh our minds, or to gather more positivity in life. So, when we get back, we are more energized to finish our tasks or ace exams!

Breaks are necessary so we can get away from the usual things, and situate ourselves in a different light.

Why we need a break

It’s important to reconnect.

While there are holidays like Christmas and New Year, let’s admit it, they are not enough to compensate for all the family times we should be having. So take those breaks. Leave privileges are meant to be spent, after all.

We need a break to be home, to reunite with our family, to listen to their stories, and share ours as well. We owe them our time more than anything else.

Sunday lunch with WIM Family at Oasis Paco Park Hotel's My Kitchen by Chef Chris.

Travel is so much more important than we think.

We have to explore and enjoy what this world has to offer, and not just box ourselves with our mounting work responsibilities. My experience taught me so.

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Why we need a break

Being surrounded by a bunch of workaholics ever since I started working led me to thinking about how I could balance my personal life and my work. It was inspiring at first, yet in the long run, it made me ask myself a number of things like: “Is it ‘best’ to put my job at the center of my life?” “Will I be contented of the adventures I gain inside the four corners of my workplace?”

That’s why, at age 22, I promised that I will be a kind person to myself by giving way for new adventures, by having firmer courage in stepping out of my comfort zone, and by opening doors for plenty of self-discovery. These days, I don’t mind if I run out of leave credits as long as I’m enjoying a vacation at a beach or just having a whole day rest at home (or anywhere else away from workit will surely be great!)

Why we need a break

Keeping memories through photos.

Admit it, there’s something about browsing our phone or our DLSR for our last trip’s photos. It’s always nostalgic, and in a way, it gives us a feel-good moment. It also keeps our itchy feet alive!

Why we need a break

Most importantly, photos are friendly reminders of how good life can be. We have to keep plenty of them. They will help us carry on especially through the rough days.

Why we need a break

Why we need a break

Why we need a break

We have to take time to pause for the little things.

We are busy creatures. And that’s perfectly fine. We are dreamers in our own ways, so we have to work hard. But as everyone says, pause is necessary. It’s like having to take a long sleep after a hell week in school or meeting friends after an endless thread of reports.

This is why I love sunsets. It slows you down, and provides us a quiet time to figure things out and, most importantly, allows us to appreciate the little things that we most often take for granted.

Why we need a break

So remember, YOLO. You Only Live Once.

My boyfriend’s usual rebuttal when I tell him “next time” is: Kelan pa? 

Maybe it’s a Filipino thing to always say “next time” to opportunities, but really, I learned (in a hard way) that such attitude can hinder us from growing. We only live once, so we better find ways to enjoy what this world has to offer. There’s so much outside our comfort zones. Scary, but as old people say, there are things worth the goosebumps. The adventures that will spice up our stories.

Why we need a break

Why we need a break


If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s my final say:

Why we need a break

Most importantly, we deserve to be happy.

Growing up can be really tough (insert Coldplay’s line, “Nobody said it was easy…”) So it’s just necessary that we loosen up at times, and allow ourselves to breathe and absorb our “now.” We need break to refocus, to revive our tired souls, and most importantly, to be happy.

Vacation breaks are like rewards…rewards for getting through everyday battles, for running the extra mile for our dreams, for living this life no matter how tough it turns out.

So yep, we should really take that vacation leave. Again.