Why Reese Lansangan’s World is Just the Right Bright

If you live in the gray, delving in Reese Lansangan’s world will bring just the right glint you need. This indie pop-folk artist writes songs about good grammar, stalkers, the space, and quirks. Extramillenial describes herself as a visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, musician and songwriter – all rolled into one convenient sushi. If you could be one thing, why not three (with different hair colors)? This girl has had a fashion show, an art exhibit and an album launch. Wow.

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Here are 7 things we adore about the quirky creative:

7. She’s the Regina Spektor of the local scene and so much more.

I emphasize the “so much more” part because like other artists, Reese is baked with her own fluffiness. I see her as a kindred spirit of the songstress because both can melt you with their outer shell then haunt you with their streetwise mind. She even did a cover of Spektor’s “Jessica” and “Us.” Bonus: Reese makes fun of herself with whip-like jokes in her lyrics.

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6. Her album comes in 12 different covers.

“Arigato, Internet” is the singer-songwriter’s homage to the Internet for launching her career. It comes with 12 changeable covers with lyrics and nice pictures of Reese. In the launch, we bought the zine narrating the production of the album containing anecdotes on how the songs came to be.

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5. Her album launch was practically a birthday party.

By the time I arrived for the album launch for “Arigato, Internet”, 800 people were already inside when they had only expected 500! The aesthethics in Green Sun from the wall art to the poetry booth were her music in different art forms – grammar misuse, some intergalactic ice cream as a tribute to her song, “Exploration No. 5,” cupcakes, calligraphy, etc.

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One fun part was that game in Poetry Magnets PH’s booth where you had to post your instant poetry on Instagram and Reese would choose the best one at the end of the program.

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These weirdos caught up with the Instax booth, though.

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Overall, the launch was one of the best album launches to date because of how this creative’s music, art, fashion and visual design all came together in a slick and cutesy rogue marriage.

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