Why Reese Lansangan’s World is Just the Right Bright

4. She has an interesting hairvolution and her style is “pile them all up.”

Reese is a real-life unicorn. From bleached dip-dye cut in different angled levels to teal and then back to dip-dye to neon-green, rainbow, purple and blue to making her redhead dream come true until it faded into orange to violet with blue ends to gray, black…  it is “new hair, new me” or “new hair, new mood”?

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3. She’s sweet Reese (as in the chocolate) and tough Lansangan.

Maria Therese Esteban Lansangan is your little creeper. Before she performs, she introduces herself as “Reese as in the chocolate and Lansangan as in street.” We caught her again last CFAD week concert in our school, and pretty much everyone was charmed by her randomness and her pedal in the end. My friend even got an autograph for her and Marla Miniano’s poetry collection. When she’s not a poet, she wears baggy clothes in a dressy hip-hop kind of thing a la Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She raps in “Grammar Nazi,” too.

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2. Reese and her friends put out the album with no record label.

Kai and Ace hosted the program:

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Jensen and the Flips was one of the guest acts…

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…and we spotted BP Valenzuela in the crowd.

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Here, she quips, “Stop taking picturesss!” Jokes.

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1. Her songs are educational, yet quirky and fun.

They have even been used by teachers to teach grammar and science. Check out her TED talk on writing songs:

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Oh, here’s an astronaut helmet for “A Song About Space”!

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We hope your hope in local music was restored. Who else do you want to see featured? 🙂


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