Why I’m Choosing a Baby Carrier Over a Stroller

As soon as I got pregnant, I made a list of things I would be needing when the baby arrives. I realized that baby gear can be pretty expensive, so I didn’t want to buy unnecessary things or things that we would only use once or twice.

One thing that other moms suggested is buying a baby carrier. They shared that they use a carrier instead of a stroller most of the time. There are also studies that show that baby carrying is better as it promotes a bond between the baby and the mom or dad.


As I was researching for baby carriers, I saw many cheap ones; but I-Angel was a brand that really caught my attention. Aside from some celebrities recommending it, I also saw it in-store and was really impressed by its quality.

iAngel 3

I got my I-Angel from Mighty Baby Philippines and it only took a few clicks for me to get one. The products are made in Korea, ensuring that they provide excellent quality for the mom, dad, caregiver, and baby.

It has also received recognition from Europe, U.S., and Japan. Plus, it is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the products.

The IAngel New Magic is the safest, lightest, and most compact foldable hipseat carrier moms and dads can use for outdoor activities and trips.

iAngel 4

The products are available at the Mighty Baby Showroom, The Parenting Emporium, Rustan’s, Mothercare and Baby Company.

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