WHOA: The internet’s going crazy about Zac Efron’s new hair ‘do!

It’s ‘just for fun’.

Actor Zac Efron donned his most recent hair-do on Instagram and I’d have to admit that it surprised me! Although I must say it’s also good embracing change!

Just for fun 🤘

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Some fans created debates online that the 30-year-old was “culturally inappropriate” as dreadlocks were associated with African culture.

“Cultural appropriation is taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture. Cultural appreciation is when elements of a culture are used while honoring the source they came from.” one Instagram user wrote on the comment box of his photo.

Another said, “There are legit laws that keep black folks with dreads for getting work and you over here talkin bout some ‘Just for fun.”

Others, on the other hand, defended the actor and mentioned freedom of choice and cultural diversity.

We don’t exactly know if his new ‘do is for a new project or if it was simply ‘just for fun’, but we’d love to know your thoughts about this!

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