Which Way is This Bus Going? More Children Than Adults Can Answer This Puzzle

Which Way is This Bus Going More Children Than Adults Could Answer This Puzzle

Many of us ride buses when commuting, but more children than adults can solve this simple puzzle: which way is the bus going?

The puzzle was featured on the National Geographic show Brain Games, and they found that 80% of children below 10 years old were able to accurately answer right away. Conversely, adults had a hard time answering.

According to the show, more children can answer because they use use visual cues to answer while adults consider multiple factors before answering.

So…. where is the bus headed?

And the answer is…

The secret to finding out the answer is to consider where the door is located. It’s not seen so it means it’s on the other side. And the driver sits on the opposite side. In the Philippines where drivers┬ádrive on the right, it means the door is on the right, too. That would mean the driver is on the left. The driver sits in front of the bus… so it’s traveling to the left.

But in the UK where drivers drive on the left, then it would mean the opposite. So it would be traveling to the right.

In the end, the answer depends on where the drivers drive. Both are correct.

Did you figure it out? How long did it take you? Share your time below!