Where Marketing and Sports Meet : UP JMA’s The Playoffs


When in Manila, being aware is easy. Doing something about it is hard. Are you ready for the challenge?  UP Junior Marketing Association Major Marketing Event 2013 proudly present: The Playoffs 

The Playoffs AdThe Playoffs: A Marketing Competition Promoting Pride for Philippine Athletic

Major marketing event or MME is the premier student-run IMC competition in the country which brings together the most intelligent minds of the youth to stimulate awareness and movement while creating solutions to the problems we have today. The contestants are tasked to create an integrated marketing campaign given a socially relevant case. This 2013, UP JMA takes marketing a step higher with The Playoffs, a marketing competition promoting pride for Philippine athletics.


Sports has always been seen as a unifying factor– one can see how the olympics or sea games can bring the Filipino people together as they support their countrymen. With this case, we challenge students to think critically on how we can proactively give more support to our athletes who represent our country in various competitions and at the same time instill in others a sense of Filipino pride and unity.


Change the way we play and get a chance to win P100,000! Remember the solution doesn’t lie in simply solving the problem, it’s about initiating change.


Apply now for MME 2013 and ignite your mind.


Important dates to remember:

July 4 – August 7 – Registration period

August 10 – Orientation seminar

August 24 – Submission of preliminary papers

September 7 – Announcement of finalists

September 21 – Closed door presentations and Culminating Night


Visit their official website for the registration form: https://upjmamme.com/ 

FB: https://facebook.com/upjmamme




Where Marketing and Sports Meet : UP JMA’s The Playoffs