When in Wellington: Top Places to Live in New Zealand’s Capital


My last post gave you some pretty cool reasons (in my humble opinion) to come and check out Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city.



However, what happens if you arrive in Wellington, and then decide that you don’t want to leave? Trust me, it’s not such a crazy idea. It’s exactly what happened to me.



For my next few posts, I’m going to give my advice on how to get set up in the city, and ready to start living the life of a Wellingtonian. Today, I’m going to talk about finding somewhere to live.



Wellington is broken up into many different suburbs; each one with its own culture and vibe. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest things about the city: there’s a place for everyone!



City Lights


If you’ve got a decent budget and want to experience true city life, then head for the CBD (Central Business District). What’s not to love about being right in the thick of the city’s restaurants, theatres and nightlife? Oh yeah… the rent. Expect to pay anything from NZD 130 all the way up to around NZD 250 if you want a really swish pad.



Wellington City Night downtown

Wellington CBD at night. 




Hipster Vibes


I live in Newtown, which is a suburb about a twenty minute walk from the city centre. It’s got a really arty/hipster/student vibe, which is cool as long as you like that sort of thing and aren’t easily annoyed by painfully stylish people with flamboyant moustaches. Rent is pretty reasonable and there are a good number of shops, bars and restaurants dotted around. It used to have a reputation for being a bit rough, but I reckon it must have cleaned up its act a lot in recent years, as I’ve personally never felt unsafe here.





Newtown also has a lot of good coffee shops




A Room with a View


If you want a quieter environment, and a classier pad with views across the harbour, then you might want to try Mount Victoria. It’s a little more expensive again, but there are some really lovely Victorian-style houses to be found here (as long as you don’t mind walking up and down hills).





The view from a Mount Vic apartment. 




Life’s a Beach


If you can’t decide between seaside or city life, then head for Lyall Bay. It has a nice beach and is a popular place for water sports, as well as only being about a 15-20 minute bus ride away from the city centre. Rent is also still cheap here compared to other suburbs, so it’s a win-win combination for many people.




20070415a LyallBaywatermark

Lyall Bay




If none of these areas suit your personal taste, don’t despair! There are a lot more suburbs to choose from. Those listed above are just the ones I know most about (through living there, having friends there or visiting, mostly) but if you want to research more heavily then this site lists a lot more!




So when in Wellington and looking for a place to live, Trade Me  is going to be your best friend as far as flat listings go. It’s pretty much the New Zealand version of eBay. The website is easy to use, and you can buy and sell almost anything! It’s the go-to place for tenants to list rooms for rent, so make sure you check it out if you’re planning a move to the capital.




If anyone has any more tips on where to live in Wellington, then please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear them!





For more info: Visit Trade Me and Rental Results




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When in Wellington: Top Places to Live in New Zealand’s Capital