When in Paris: Watch the French Open 2012 at Roland Garros


When in Paris and you find yourself wanting some tennis action, head  over to Roland Garros to watch the French Open live!  The male members of my family are huge tennis fans.  This year, we were able to secure tickets for the French Open.  Our tickets were valid for the fourth round of games.  By this round, you will definitely be watching a top player vying for the French Open Title.          


The French Open formally started on the 27th of May 2012.  We were scheduled to watch the French Open on the 3rd of June 2012, a Sunday.  Having arrived days before in Paris, we closely monitored the weather forecast hoping for sunny skies that day. When Sunday arrived, it was overcast but nonetheless, we set out for Roland Garros, which is the venue of the French Open. 



roland 2 


roland 11



This is the main entrance to Roland Garros.



roland gate



Despite the overcast skies, there were a lot of people in the tennis grounds.



roland 4



The schedule of games are posted in this huge screen.



roland program 


Our schedule (which is at the leftmost column of the screen) shows that the first match has ended.  Imagine our surprise when we glanced up and found that we will be watching the number one ranking male tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic!  We had a few minutes before the game started so we went around the tennis grounds.  A huge boutique selling all kinds of souvenirs was set up right beside the entrance.



roland boutique



There were also small shops around the tennis grounds selling souvenirs.



roland wim grounds 2



I just had to take a picture of this iconic figure.  That is the statue of Jean Rene Lacoste, a French tennis player in the 1920s who dominated the tennis world by winning seven Grand Slam single titles in the French Open.  He was nicknamed “le crocodile”.  This eventually led to the launching of the now popular brand Lacoste which sells leisure clothing for men, women and children.



roland grounds 62



After a few more photos in the tennis grounds, we went to our assigned seats 34 minutes into the game of Novak Djokovic versus Andreas Seppi.



roland start score



roland court 3


roland players



The match was quite thrilling.  It started with Andreas Seppi leading the first two sets but Djokovic won the next two sets.



roland mid score



In the end, Andreas Seppi lost to Novak Djokovic.  Djokovic can be seen throwing a tennis ball to the audience after winning the match.



roland djoko



It was definitely a very long match, albeit an exciting one.



roland hours


 When in Paris:  Watch the French Open 2012 at Roland Garros