When in Manila, You Know Christmas 2011 is Nearing When…


When In Manila, without a doubt, Filipinos are sooo into the Christmas Season. We haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet but some people have already set up their stuff just because they want to feel the Christmas spirit early on. What’s not to love about Christmas anyway? It’s the season of giving,receiving, returning, loving, kissing and canoodling… LOL When in Manila, what are the telltale signs that Christmas is right around the corner? You can tell when:


sidewalk christmas lanterns



5. You start to see parols (Christmas lanterns) being sold along the sidewalk. They all come in different shapes and sizes. Some are made out of plastic while some out of metallic thingies, or capiz shells.



christmas lights house manila


4. Houses and establishments are adorned with Christmas lights. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some are multi-colored, some plain yellow, and some partly busted lol. But whatever, it looks festive so you’d line your house with them anyway.



christmas carolers philippines



3. Children (and adults) show up at your gates and sing Christmas songs. Some make an effort by caroling in groups (a capella or with guitar accompaniment). Some bring improvised tambourines and tambol (a drum made of wooden stick and an empty can of infant’s milk). On the other hand, there are those who don’t even bother to sing; they just solicit. Can you blame those people saying “Patawad!”? LOL



 2009 08 11 global warming


2. The night breeze gets cooler, even if the days are still sweltering hot. Global warming y’allsjkfjdfkdjfdsokfjdsl.



Justin Bieber funny Christmas Card


1. Justin Bieber’s Christmas song entitled “Mistletoe” just came out yesterday (Oct. 17) and it instantly climbed up to #1 on ITunes.And now MISTLETOE MONDAY is trending on Twitter. Really, What can’t this dude sell?



When in Manila, or rather Philippines, what are the signs that the Christmas Season is near? Feel free to share your own thoughts, experiences, stories about it. We’re all ears.


What do you think are some other signs that Christmas is right around the corner?