What Yellowcard’s Final Manila Concert Meant to Pinoy Fans

It is still a vivid memory, the night I read the post of Yellowcard calling it quits. I made an article about the announcement and I was moved by the amount of love they received from their fans all around the globe.


For this reason, I promised myself that I would not miss their concert here in Manila. Last February 9, we went up to Sky Dome in SM North EDSA to sing with Yellowcard and bid them farewell.

Here’s what the concert meant to us, fans of Yellowcard:

3. They have been a voice of our generation


It was astounding to see the attendance during the sold-out concert. The demographics of the audience is composed of people in their 20’s and 30’s. It was evident that we first fell in love with Yellowcard in our teenage years.


I was exposed to Yellowcard’s music in the early 2000’s. It was the time that Punk Rock was starting to break out in the radio waves and was a staple in music channels.


With a great pool of talent at that time with Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard gave us great songs that would speak to our generation’s hearts. That message was for us to feel alive, to break some rules sometimes, and give our all for the one we love.



2. We were the realization of their dreams


Ryan Key expressed his gratitude towards their Filipino fans during the concert. He told us that they loved coming to the Philippines because the fans treated them like rock stars. He was pretty modest about it, but we really think they deserve that treatment.


He recounted that they wouldn’t have thought that a band from Florida would be able to have a concert on the six continents of the world. He mentioned that it wouldn’t be possible without the support of their fans.


1. We felt the gravity of their “Final World Tour”


As the concert was ending, Yellowcard sang their classics that everyone surely know, like “Only One” and “Ocean Avenue”. All of us were jumping as we sang along with Yellowcard. It was a bittersweet moment, as I knew that every verse we sing gets us closer to the end of the show. It dawned to us that this surreal experience of being with Yellowcard would soon be over. The final notes made us realize that this is the last time that Yellowcard will set foot on the Philippines.


Yes, there was a wind of sorrow that night because of the feeling of loss at the end of the concert, but as I lost my voice from singing out loud, I was smiling because of the satisfaction of how Yellowcard set their legacy.


Thank you for the awesome show, Yellowcard! You will be missed, but you’ll always have us here in the Philippines.

Thank you for Gracenote for warming up the fans from their front act performance. I loved your cover of Paramore’s “That’s What you Get”.

Congratulations to DMC Entertainment and Phoenix Productions for the successful show!