What is KLIP and Why You Should Look Into It for Your Pets

Written by: Danelle Go / Photography by: Paolo Pareno / Graphics by: Clarence Abiera

In an impoverished area like the Philippines, homelessness is not only applicable to impoverished people, but also to neglected animals. These stray cats and dogs continue to suffer due to lack of food, nourishment, diseases, and other basic necessities, forcing them to endure much discomfort and pain. This serious animal welfare issue is exactly what fuelled the Kapon and Ligation Immediately, Please (KLIP) program of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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So, what exactly is KLIP? Well, Kapon (which is the Filipino term for ‘neutering’) and Ligation (the Filipino term for ‘spaying’) Immediately, Please is PETA’s Philippine initiative to help decrease the animal population in the country. For the past 13 years, PETA’s work in the Philippines has done its best to propagate animal welfare and proper treatment of animals in all parts of the country.


However, this specific program, KLIP, is more targeted to cats and dogs and the reduction of their population to lessen the number of unwanted new-borns through the process of sterilization. Sterilization refers to the treatments of neutering and spaying. “Kapon” or “neutering” is a procedure undergone by male dogs and cats that hinders them from being able to impregnate female dogs and cats. “Ligation” or “spaying” is the female version; it removes the female dog/cat’s ability to bear children.

Though these procedures do come with their own risks, they are actually considered common veterinary procedures that overall have a lot of benefits for the animals receiving the treatment. In addition to lessening the number of stray cats and dogs left to roam the city, sterilizing also decreases the probability of contracting several diseases like mammary cancer for female dogs, and testicular cancer for male dogs. And despite the added cost, all the lifelong health benefits end up outweighing the overall cost.

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At the Spektral Beer Lounge in Makati last May 31, animal welfare activists, beer lovers, and people from around the Metro got the chance to combine their love for two of man’s good friends: animals and beer, through Pints for Pups. Pints for Pups, a fundraiser arranged by PETA for the KLIP program, proceeds went to the aforementioned KLIP program that the night’s event promoted.

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With fundraisers like Pints for Pups, more attention and support can go to initiatives like this and benefit the many animals under the care of PETA, just like the pups and kitties mentioned at Pints for Pups. Throughout the night, members from the organization would tell stories about the many animals saved by the KLIP program, including Bunso. Bunso, who lives in a public cemetery with his owner, was hit by a car and received life-saving care, for free, from PETA. This care, on top of the neutering procedure he underwent, saved his life, all thanks to the funding of PETA.

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It’s cases like this that give incredible meaning to fundraisers like Pints for Pups and projects that delve into the advocating of animal welfare, both in the Philippines and even around the world. Because at a time when equality is one issue that all parts of the world are fighting for, it is important now more than ever to fight as well for the rights of these animals.

To learn more about the program and how to help, please visit PETAAsia.com/KLIP