What If, Starring Alessandra de Rossi and JM de Guzman, Transports Us into the Difficult World of Newlyweds

The upcoming Netflix movie What If is coming to the streaming giant soon, starring powerhouse talents Alessandra de Rossi and JM de Guzman who are set to stir our emotions in the most painful ways possible.

What If Movie Plot

Set amidst a picturesque private island, What If follows newlyweds Billie (Alessandra de Rossi) and Jecs (JM de Guzman) on their idyllic honeymoon when it takes an unexpected turn and transforms into a poignant exploration of love, passion, and most importantly, commitment. Here are some of the major themes you can look forward to in the film:

What If Netflix Movie 1

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Music and Marriage

Music takes center stage in What If as the couple is introduced through their shared love for the craft. Fun fact: much like in the movie, both Alessandra and JM had a hand in writing the songs in What If. Watch out for songs like Tibok, For Always, Paano Na, and the catchy Miss, Pa Kiss, which will undoubtedly linger in your mind long after the credits roll.

Navigating the Hard Parts

As the film progresses, viewers are gradually introduced to the events that shape the most defining moments of their present. What If aims to paint a relatable view of marriage that extends beyond an idealized picture, bravely confronting the harsh realities of commitment and what it would take to break it. It underscores the importance of open dialogue and a shared understanding and acceptance of one’s hopes, fears, and expectations–with themselves and with each other.

What If Netflix Movie 2

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A Visual Treat From Celebrated Actors

It’s always a joy to watch great actors get paired on-screen and What If brings two of local cinema’s most brilliant stars together. Alessandra’s films have consistently performed well on Netflix with the 2021 hit My Amanda even dominating its Top 10 charts and at one point even becoming the streaming platform’s most popular Pinoy title.

What If is directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo and written by Mike Rivera.

Watch the What If movie trailer here:


What If starts streaming on Netflix on September 7, 2023.

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