What if Michael Bolton and His Singer Friends Reimagined the Theme Songs of TV Shows?

Some TV shows have iconic theme songs, while others have meh versions that no one really cares or thinks about. But what if a group of talented and successful singers and songwriters add their flair to it?

In a new video by Screen Junkies, they invited Michael Bolton, Natasha Bedingfield, Brian McKnight, and Paula Cole to reimagine the theme songs of nominated shows in this year’s Emmy Awards.

Watch the hilarious video below:

In the clip, Natasha Bedingfield sang the song from Stranger Things, Brian McKnight updated the This is Us theme song, Paula Cole gave her twist to The Handmaid’s Tale, and Michael Bolton gave his all in Game of Thrones. When reminded that Game of Thrones isn’t eligible for the Emmys this year, Bolton said “House Bolton does what it wants.”

Make sure to pay close attention, because you’ll recognize the theme songs from Full House, Cheers, and Dawson’s Creek!

What do you think of the songs? Share your thoughts below!

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