What different schools have done in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

A global pandemic has put a lot of what have considered normal to an abrupt halt. Institutions worldwide have had to either heavily adjust or stop their day-to-day altogether. One of these heavily affected institutions is, of course, schooling and education. Schools everywhere have had to either stop or transfer online. Although, not all schools have made uniform decisions on what they can all do.

Here’s what different schools have done in the face of the pandemic.

University of the Philippines

Before the ECQ was extended online classes were already suspended since not everyone has reliable internet connection or access to devices. Most thesis advisers told senior students to instead use online methods for data collection (which isn’t possible for everyone) or just use secondary sources

UPOU still has classes T.T I’m still studying and trying to pass deliverables 🙁 They only extended deadlines a bit (end of April). But it’s not enough in my opinion huhu

Ateneo de Manila

Basically Ateneo decided to end the sem early and pass all the students (this means that there won’t be a QPI computed for this sem, no more dean listers as well) but for seniors, they can still ask for their grade letters from their profs. ? The admin is also giving students a refund for their tuition (i’m not sure how much), but what’s cool about it is that they’re giving us the option to donate it :))

gave everyone a pass mark! no more letter grades so this term doesn’t add up to our QPI. no more classes, no more required work, no deadlines, but we’re free to continue learning & are still given online materials for our courses should we choose to continue learning! ?


Saint Pedro Poveda College

Classes were canceled and surveys were taken for the following school year, they allowed students in at certain times to collect their things.


they canceled the finals of the undergrads and I think they had to average their grades for the final grade. For seniors, they postponed our grad but indefinitely and they haven’t released anyone’s grades or report cards so no one really knows what’s happening bc some needed to submit the transcripts for college apps already ☹️

It was the last week of school for everyone so i think they just computed everyone’s grades without final exams. For us, we were done with all academics and just had a week of grad practice left. We came in for the first day and never went back :))

De La Salle University

online classes are still ongoing until next week, then the next term of classes are in july na ?


University of Santo Tomas

resumed online classes (starting from april 19 until the end of the semester, on may 30), made some adjustments to the curriculum to continue the second sem, and is currently working with a telco to boost signal for online classes (to address complaints of students not having a stable internet connection)

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