Hmmm… What Could These Three Happy Dots Mean?

Three circles that look like happy peas in a pod. Many are left wondering after this mysterious but fun-looking visual was posted by influencers and brands on social media. With the photo quickly becoming viral, many decided to take a shot at guessing what it might mean, including us! We try to solve the mystery by doing a quick investigation below.


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First, the posters: A quick look at the profiles of the brands and the people who shared the cute-looking visuals showed a common denominator. The brands all offer baby- or kids-related products and services, and all of the posters are moms! Very interesting!

Second, the hashtag: This one’s pretty straightforward and probably the biggest clue we stumbled upon. Each post was tagged with #August26isFamilyDay, which actually aligns with our first clue.

The verdict, we’re still not sure what is coming, but we are more than convinced that something big and grand is going to make moms and families very happy on August 26! What’s your guess? Stay tuned and follow the hashtag for the big reveal.

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