Webinar series hopes to assist businesses in reopening in the ‘new normal’

Banking on the success of the recently concluded Help & Learn Webinar Series for a Cause, Vietnam-based UpUp Technologies and Philippine-based PRAXIS Associates PH Co. once again bring online learning sessions live on virtual space, June 27. The series entitled ReOpening: People. Product. Profit. will run for 10 episodes (Thursdays and Saturdays), 11 AM Philippine Standard Time.

Business owners, human resource professionals, and thought leaders are coming together in this webinar series to share insights and recommendations as to how business, small and big alike, can cope, rise and thrive in the so-called ‘new normal.’ The topics to be covered include the following: marketing, 2020 and beyond; technology for development; culture in the workplace; remote work as the future; innovative learning approaches; purposeful leadership; sport entrepreneurship; the future of human resource management; skills for the new workforce; and design thinking and effective leadership. 

The first 25 registrants to our webinar series will receive free tickets (https://prx.ph/reopeningtix). Grab this chance now! 

Wheninmanila.com serves as the official media partner of the Reopening webinar series. The Secretariat invites more sponsors and community partners to support this endeavor (events@praxis.ph). To register as a sponsor or community partner, visit https://prx.ph/reopeningpartner.

For more information, follow UpUp Technologies and PRAXIS PH on Facebook.


UpUp Technologies is a Vietnam-based technology company that creates meaningful engagements with professionals across Southeast Asia through events, online communities and technological breakthroughs like UpUp App.

UpUp App is an interactive project management and HR service that rewards employees for completing tasks and hitting KPIs. This gives the management team full visibility on productivity, allowing more time to focus on the business. When KPI’s or targets aren’t hit, the software will alert the management team and suggest creative ways to help the individual achieve those goals. High achievers will be incentivized through a well curated list of rewards based on personal preferences and driven by strong partnerships within food, retail or entertainment promotions. Learn more about UpUp App at https://upupapp.info/

PRAXIS Associates PH Co., a trusted partner in the empowerment of organizations in Asia and the Pacific, was founded on the same idea that organizations must keep abreast with the changing times while developing their most important resource—their employees and partners.

They have worked together with organizations and companies from very diverse backgrounds and compositions. Since 2014, they have kept the promise that they will remain as their clients’ partners in hitting their short- to long-term goals for organizational development. While the solutions that may be offered come from a very wide spectrum of interventions, PRAXIS assists them in three main service groups: 1) technical consultancy; 2) integrated digital marketing communications; and 3) technology solutions. Learn more about PRAXIS at https://www.praxis.ph/

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