Web3PH Gathers Tech Leaders to Empower More Creators and the Future of Digital Transformation

In a groundbreaking initiative to propel the nation into the digital forefront, Web3PH, in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and ICP.hub Philippines, hosted Panimula, an exclusive gathering for key technology figures from both the public and private sectors. 

Held last January 26, 2024, the gathering witnessed the participation of eminent figures representing government bodies, private enterprises, and leading community organizations. Beyond discourse, it served as a strategic arena for these stakeholders to explore potential partnerships, laying the groundwork for sustained growth in the technology sector.

Web3PH panimula

The collaboration between Web3PH, DICT, and ICP.Hub Philippines for the gathering underscored the significance of unified efforts in driving innovation and cultivating a thriving tech ecosystem for all. 

Roadmap for the Future 

Core members of Web3PH, Bea Llana and Justin Wee, seized the opportunity to unveil the organization’s comprehensive calendar events for the year. This strategic initiative aims to foster collaboration among all participating entities, providing a clear roadmap for coordinated efforts throughout the year.

Bea Llana, expressing the significance of this initiative, remarked, “By bringing together government, private enterprises, and community organizations, we create a space for all these separated bodies to connect and have meaningful discussions–all for the single goal of taking coordinated steps to web3 adoption.”

Web3PH panimula

Web3PH Core Members: Justin Wee, and Bea Llana

Adding to this sentiment, Justin Wee stated, “Being for the community, it is only necessary that these events are powered by the community itself. We want to involve everyone in the planning and execution of these events to ensure that the initiatives are aligned with the needs and aspirations of those we inevitably serve”. 

The unveiled calendar comprises a series of events strategically designed to engage various stakeholders–builders, creatives, and normies, among others. 

Web3PH panimula

Panimula Organizing Team (from left to right): Angela Macatao, Alfred Quimbao, Gem Formeloza, Oliver Santos, and Christopher Star.

Web3PH is an independent organization with a mission to push the country forward by empowering the next generation of builders, creators, and founders. The emergence of Web3 represents one of the most important moments in technology – arguably as important as when people started using the internet. Through education, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, Web3PH aims to empower Filipinos to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Join Web3PH in making 2024 a landmark year, a year where innovation, growth, and community-driven initiatives redefine the Web3 space in the Philippines. 

Be part of the community: https://t.me/web3phsummit.