We Watched “Harry Potter” with a Live Orchestra and it Was Magical

For many of us who grew up reading and watching Harry Potter, it was already a magical experience to witness the story of the Boy Who Lived. We got to see the universe expand with the introduction of the website Pottermore, the film franchise of Fantastic Beasts, the two-part play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the Wizarding World theme parks around the world. There’s a new way to relive the magic, and it’s watching the first movie accompanied by a live orchestra.

This weekend, you can watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone accompanied by the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra performing live. The orchestra will be conducted by Gerard Salonga as they provide the soundtrack to the film, which will be screened on a 40-foot screen at The Theatre at Solaire.

The screening is part of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series, a global concert tour celebrating the Harry Potter films. Presented by CineConcerts and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, it will have over 900 performances across more than 48 countries worldwide through 2019. The Philippine run is organized by CC:Concepts, which also hosted a screening of Call Me By Your Name accompanied by the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

We got to watch the first show and was mesmerized at how the live orchestra adds a beautiful and immersive touch to the screening. It instantly transported us to our childhood, except this time, it made us feel as if we were part of the action. Seeing it again accompanied by a live score was truly a magical experience, especially during key scenes like the first sighting of Hogwarts, the Great Hall, and the Quidditch match.

It was also exciting to watch this screening being surrounded by fellow Potterheads. Since we’ve all seen the film already, it was all right for people to cheer and fangirl over iconic moments, such as the first appearance of characters like Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and even Draco Malfoy. A lot also uttered iconic lines, such as the unforgettable “or worse… expelled” and “It’s leviOsa, not levioSA.”

The best part was the credits. Normally, people would leave the cinema when the credits start playing. At this screening, no one wanted to leave because the orchestra took center stage. As the credits rolled, the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra kept performing the film’s score, which is instantly recognizable for even a casual Harry Potter fan.

It was great seeing fans of all ages at The Theatre enjoying the screening. There were people my age who were pre-teens and teens when the books and movies first came out in 1998 and 2001. There were also young fans who discovered the series when it was already a worldwide franchise. This is the magic of Harry Potter. He is the Boy Who Lived, and his story will continue to live on, this time with an awesome orchestra.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Concert will be held on September 14 and 15. Tickets are now available on Ticketworld.

UPDATE: Following reports that 86% of tickets have been sold, a third show has been added! You can now buy tickets for the September 15 show at 7PM.

Website: https://www.harrypotterinconcert.com/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cc.concepts.ph/

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