We Asked Pinoys “Should Abortion be Legal in the Philippines?” and the Answers Might Surprise You

11. “Absolutely, and it shouldn’t be limited to “special cases.” It shouldn’t matter if a woman was raped or if she just doesn’t want to have kids. She should be able to have the option to get a safe abortion. If you are truly pro-life, you have to take the woman’s life into consideration first, not just the life of the unborn child.”

12. “Never gonna happen with the Church here. Can’t even make divorce happen.”

13. “Abortion should have been legal a looong time ago. Why raise your rapist’s kid? Why raise a kid with a severely limiting medical condition? Why die when you don’t want to? If you want people to raise kids they don’t want, then you should be adopting them.”

14. “Karapatan siya ng kababaihan, na magkaroon ng choice sa ating mga katawan. Sino ba tayo para idikta kung ano ang dapat gawin ng isang biktima ng panggagahasa o kaya mga kababaihang nasa brink ng kamatayan dahil sadyang hindi kaya ng katawan niya ang manganak? Maraming mga materyal na kondisyon na pinagbabatayan at dapat lamang pagbatayan. Lumubog sa social reality, sa marahas na kondisyon na dinaranas ng kababaihan sa isang patriyarkal na lipunan.”

15. “My body, my choice. If I had a daughter who got abused and became pregnant because of it, I wouldn’t force her to carry, give birth, and then have to decide between caring for the proof of her pain, or giving the baby up for adoption. I wouldn’t force someone unready for parenthood (physically, financially, emotionally) to risk a child just coz the child is ‘already there’.”

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16. “I strongly believe it shouldn’t be made legal. There are other options. The book of James says, ‘But if anyone among you is in need of wisdom, let him petition God, who gives abundantly to all without reproach, and it shall be given to him.’ James 1:5″

17. “No, partners should be responsible at everything they do. Every life is precious even if it is unplanned. People should think about the consequences before they do something that they will regret later on. Abortion is NOT AN OPTION, and it will never will be. Religious ka man o hindi, what would you feel if you are in the shoes of the baby? As for the rape victims or with concerns with help problems, a baby is always and will always be a blessing. Kahit na nabuo sya in a wrong situation.”

18. “Definitely (even though it is unlikely to happen anytime soon here). Women should have the right to decide what to do with their bodies. Of course, they should go through counseling, etc, beforehand to make sure they are certain with their decision.”

19. “Legal. But like what people have said above. Ain’t gonna happen anytime in this lifetime because of the religion here. ??‍♀️ At the very least it should be allowed for medical purposes and others like incest and rape. I’m pro life but also people choice!”

20. “Yes. While it is true that everyone has that choice on what they want to do with their life, it is important as well that people can get that sense of protection from society’s ‘moral judgments’. And only through the process of legalization can we achieve that.”

How about you? Do you think abortion should be made legal in the Philippines or not? Why? Let’s discuss in the comments.