Waxing at Home? Do It Hassle-Free With This Wax Warmer Kit

When it comes to hair removal, most people opt for waxing instead of shaving because of the following reasons: (1) you cannot cut yourself, (2) the effect lasts longer, (3) the hair will grow back thinner, (4) it helps exfoliate your skin, and (5) your skin will feel smoother. Waxing extracts hair from the root that slows down its regrowth. It also removes a layer of dead cells from the surface of the skin which makes it appear lighter.

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Going to wax salons might not be the best idea right now though given the current circumstances. However, I will never get used to prickly stubbles and itchiness even though shaving seems to be the easiest option for DIY hair removal. So I searched for a hassle-free waxing kit on Lazada that will make waxing at home more convenient!

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This one comes with a wax heater pot, waxing beans, and sticks. The pot has a see-through vented cover that allows you to monitor the wax easily as it melts. Meanwhile, the beans are made from high-quality resins, aromatherapy oils, and natural ingredients. They are safe for use on parts of the body with unwanted hair such as the face, hands, legs, underarms, and bikini lines. Just pour them on the wax warmer machine and wait until they are ready before applying with the use of the provided disposable sticks!

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