WATCH: Volunteers Conducted an Organized Relief Goods Packing Operations

Bagyong Lawin (international name Typhoon Haima) recently struck the Philippines and greatly affected those in Northern Luzon (see also: WATCH: Reporter Jeff Canoy Shows Bagyong Lawin in Tuguegarao) throughout an approximately 12-hour span.

At Metro Manila, the typhoon’s severity wasn’t felt so the very next day after Lawin’s landfall, volunteers started with their operations for the relief goods to be sent out in devastated areas.

Watch the video below to see how organized the repacking went:

Each box contains 6 kilos of rice, 8 canned goods (corned beef & sardines), and 6 sachets of 3-in-1 coffee that are good for 2-3 days.

The volunteers were members of the army, navy, and the air force. Their operations were so organized, they had hourly targets, daily targets, production per hour, and actual production. These boxes will be sent out to areas which were immensely devastated by the typhoon.

Hopefully, these smooth operations will continue from here on!


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