WATCH: This video looks back on 2018 through the best dog videos

There are so many ways to measure a year: by the songs we listened to, the books we read, the goals we accomplished, and much more. One of the best ways I’ve seen to do this, by far, is through dog clips. Popular Twitter account, WeRateDogs, compiled the most trending videos of 2018 to remind us of all the happy moments man’s best friend gave us over the course of the year.

They introduce the video by saying: “This year, we looked for the good — and we knew exactly where to find it.” They found it in the numerous dog videos that made us laugh, cry, and go “aww!” in 2018. Since we’re all still in that sentimental stage of the new year, this is the best time to watch this video.

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The video showcases previously viral clips like the dog who followed his owner around the living room and attempting to copy his lunges.

But it also highlights the simple moments we have with dogs, which always end up to be the sweetest. Like this adorable corgi flying through the air:

Then there are the clips that will truly make your heart melt. In the one screen-capped below, a toddler who is able to walk for the first time calls out to his dog: “I’m walking, Maggie!”

If you aren’t completely sold yet on the video, you just have to watch the whole thing:

Which clip was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 


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