WATCH: This Teaser Trailer for Deadpool 2 Has Us LOLing

I remember when I first saw Deadpool in the movie house with my friends back in 2016. I could not. stop. laughing. You know that kind of laugh you can’t just help but smack the person sitting next to you? Yeah, that happened. (I’m sorry dear friend.)

To say the least, Deadpool is probably one of the best superhero movies in the recent years, although I’m not sure if it’s even right to say that as he’s not actually a “superhero”. Or at least not yet. I mean, the intention is there, I guess. Just needs a little more work perhaps.

That’s clearly what he was going for in this clip below, at least. When our man Deadpool sees an old man in the street, he quickly rushes to aid….or something like that.

It’s a funny reel, that I assure you, so just go ahead and see for yourself what happens:

Ah, Deadpool. Never change, man. Never change.

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