WATCH: This mom made her daughter an Animal Crossing birthday cake and it’s beautiful!

Animal Crossing has truly brought people together and made everyone a little happier in this time of quarantine. Its friendly approach to island living, as well as the way the villagers interact with you and absolutely adore you make the game such a nice source of wholesome fun. Which is why this mother’s daughter is obsessed with it, the mother even calls it the best game to play with your kids.

Twitter user @sugargeekshow wanted to make her daughter’s 6th birthday extra special by making her this gorgeous Animal Crossing cake, complete with the sea creatures, the cliffs, and the little house. It was an endeavor that lasted her three whole days! All in the name of love, after all. And the end result is absolutely stunning. Everything looks like it was transported from the game to real life. It’s gorgeous and we love it.

Check out the cake-making video below, as well as the finished results:

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