WATCH: This Is How Star Wars Would Look Like As An Anime Opening Sequence

The latest Star Wars movie has been released, leaving tons of fans with a lot of feels. The internet is also filled to the brim with spoilers (for those who haven’t watched it yet) and quite a wide variety of memes.

Social media has shown us how humanity can be really funny and creative when it comes to cultural phenomena. Sometimes, two fandoms can even be put together to create something new. This is what netizen Jaydee Reyes did when he posted a video that went viral on Facebook.

He edited a few clips from a couple of Star Wars films together to make it look like an opening sequence for an anime. It’s pretty much spot on!

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Watch it below: (Don’t worry, Jaydee says it’s spoiler-free!)

Jaydee says in his post that he created this video for the anime fans who haven’t watched any of the Star Wars films. I think it looks legit! Complete with the Japanese background music, and English translated lyrics at the bottom.

I guess that’s one way to process all the feels of Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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